Walk Around And Ambiance

This is an excellent choice for corporate events and larger parties/events where the duration of the event is at least 3 or more hours.  Especially when there is an opening reception, cocktail hour, etc.  Dancers can be at the door or entrance in costume to meet and greet guests as they arrive.  Pass out party favors, beads, etc. depending on the type of event.  Additionally, they can mingle and dance around the guests in an area specified by the client.  This adds atmosphere and ambiance to your event setting.  This is great for Moroccan themed events, holiday parties, New Years Eve or any large celebration.  We offer other themed dancers as well in addition to belly dancers and Polynesian dancers.
You can hire dancers for an hour of walk around, meet and greet and audience interaction for the opening and then have the same dancers perform one or two shows during the next hour.  Maybe you want to surprise the guests by having one or more different dancers for the performance hour than you used for the opening walk-around portion. The choice is yours and there are many options for your event.
Call Amina to discuss the best choice for your event at (954) 895-8153 or e-mail amina@bellydanceramina.com.

belly dancers amina south florida desert jewels candles 430belly dancers amina south florida desert jewels candles 430
bellydancer Amina ambiance party dance 458bellydancer Amina ambiance party dance 458
bellydanceramina ambiance party  dancing 455bellydanceramina ambiance party dancing 455
bellydanceramina south florida desert jewels candles 414bellydanceramina south florida desert jewels candles 414