Raqs Sharqi
The Ancient Dance

From the folkloric village style to the glitzy showgirl style, belly dance captures the imagination. In the West we are accustomed to the name "belly dance," but the Arabs actually call it "Oriental Dance" or Dance of the East .......... Raqs Sharqi. This is Arabic and literally means oriental dancing which is the classical Egyptian style of belly dance that developed during the first half of the 20th century.

From the fiery dances of the Roma from Turkey and Macedonia, to the complex hip work of the Egyptian Ghawazi and the trance-oriented dances of Morocco, to the Sambra Mora of the Spanish Gitanos, the Arab influence is felt and links strong local traditions. This style of dance has ancient roots and is one of the oldest forms of dance, originating in pre-Biblical religious rites worshipping motherhood.

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