Glow Performance

Glow shows combine props such as glow baton and glow poi with dancing. This creates a more interesting and colorful show, using the multi-colored LED lights to enhance the  performance. Shows may include other non-glowing props as well other glowing props.
One (1) set, one (1) dancer (15-25 min show)…..………. $300-$350
One (1) set, two (2) dancers (15-30 min. show)…….....…$600-$700
This is a one-hour booking to include post performance photo op. Shows can be split into 2 shorter shows, still within a one (1) hour timeframe. Each additional hour booked will be $150 per dancer.  Holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4, and New Years Eve,  will require an additional $150 for the first hour and $100 for each additional one hour time period/per dancer.  Dancers require  a 10 minute break per hour, typically between sets. Glow shows are a less expensive option compared to fire performances.  Perfect for events with smaller budgets.
Call Amina to discuss the best choice for your event at (954) 895-8153 or e-mail