Fire Dance Performance

Fire shows combine small and large fire props and may include candles, fire palms, fire fans, fire fingers, fire sword, fire staff, fire baton, and/or fire poi.  Our fire shows combine dance with fire props.  This creates a more interesting and fluid transition of movements with the fire creating a more interesting performance overall. 

One (1) set, one (1) dancer (15-30 min show)…..……...……. $550
One (1) set, two (2) dancers (15-30 min. show)…………...….$775
This is a one-hour booking to include post performance photo op. Shows can be split into 2 shorter shows, still within a one (1) hour timeframe.
 Dancers require  a 10 minute break per hour, typically between sets.  Each additional hour booked will be $175 per dancer.  Holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4, and New Years Eve,  will require an additional $150 for the first hour and $100 for each additional one hour time period/per performer. Call to inquire on pricing for more than two (2) performers.

It is suggested that when booking, you hire at least 2 fire performers for safety reasons. Often we light props off each other as we introduce a new prop or performer.  Additionally, we assist each other in safely putting out props between sets, etc.  If you book only one performer there is a minimum $75 charge, already included in the price above, for a fire safety assistant to accompany the performer.  This assist the performer with transporting props to and from your event, providing lights and making sure all fire is safely extinguish during transitions from one prop to another and helps with set up and pack up before and after performance.
Call Amina to discuss the best choice for your event at (954) 895-8153 or e-mail

Amina Fire baton P1140417Amina Fire baton P1140417
Amina Fire P1140409Amina Fire P1140409
Belly dancer Amina Amina cool fire 411Belly dancer Amina Amina cool fire 411
belly dancer Amina desert jewels firebelly dancer Amina desert jewels fire
belly dancer amina firebelly dancer amina fire
Belly dancer Amina fire baton 426Belly dancer Amina fire baton 426
belly dancer amina fire desert jewelsbelly dancer amina fire desert jewels
belly dancer amina fire palms desert jewelsbelly dancer amina fire palms desert jewels
bellydanceramina fire dancers Zuska P1140430bellydanceramina fire dancers Zuska P1140430