Face Painting

Perfect for kids birthday parties.  Artist can paint a variety of designs on the faces of children and adults and kids love it.  They will want to wear their design all day.
1. Is the face paint safe?
Yes the paint is safe. The paint is water based and can be removed easily and completely with soap and water.
2. How long will the paint last?
The paint will last for about a day if you don't wash your face. It will last longer if it doesn't get wet.
3. Can it be removed quicker if I want it gone?
Simply wash the paint off with soap and water. You can also use a facial cleansing cloth to remove the paint.
Artist will need a table and chair to prepare, set up and apply the paint to your guests during your event for the duration of time booked.  Artisit will need s 10 minute break every 1.5 hours booked.
Prices are $275 for the first hour and $150 for each additional hour. Holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4, and New Years Eve,  will require an additional $150 for the first hour and $100 for each additional one hour time period/per dancer.  Time booked depends on number of guests. Typically, bookings are 2-3 hours for larger parties and corporate events.  Smaller parties with 15 or fewer guests may only require one (1) hour.  There is a minimum one (1) hour booking requirement.