Belly Dance Instruction


Belly Dance (Raqs Sharqi) engages all major muscle groups through their full range of motion using gentle repetitive circular movements and isolations targeting specific muscles groups. This dance form is low impact and gentle on the joints and internal organs. It helps improve posture while encouraging proper body alignment; helps ease digestion; increases body awareness, strength, flexibility, and balance; increases muscle tone; and helps manage stress while increasing self-confidence, self esteem and female empowerment. Learn to control muscles you never knew you had while strengthening your core and back muscles.
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Private & Semi-Private Classes With Amina

Classes focus on isolations, figures 8's, hip circles, basic Egyptians, shimmies, slow (melodic) movements, sharp accents in addition to specific techniques to achieve the affects and stylizations you most desire. Combinations will be taught along with veil work, finger cymbals and choreography, if requested by the student. Classes are personalized to meet each student's individual needs. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.

Option #1: Amina is available to teach private and semi-private lessons at her home studio. Classes are 1.5 hours. Space is limited to 3 students at a time:
  • $40/class (1 student);
  • $50/class (2 students);
  • $60/class (3 students),
Cash Only Accepted

Option #2: Amina is available to teach at your space for an additional fee based on location. Additional charge for studio space rental and travel time for specially scheduled group classes, based on availability. Aditional $40-$75 to come to you, depending on location. Contact Amina to inquire.

Call (954) 895-8153 or e-mail at to schedule your class today. Flexible hours: mornings, evenings and weekends available.

NOTE: Bring bottled water and a towel for sweat. Wear comfortable form fitting top and low-rise stretch pants (hip sash optional). Shoes not required for class, we dance barefoot. If preferred, you can wear ballroom, jazz or ballet shoes. Street shoes and flip-flops are not allowed.