Belly Dancer Amina


In the fall of 1995, Amina began studying Raqs Sharqi (dance of the East) at an adult education class with Kamila whom she also studied with privately as well. She eventually began to study with Maja who encouraged her to teach classes and perform. She has a background in gymnastics, baton twirling, Kung Fu, fitness and nutrition. Her first gig was in 1998 dancing at "The Kasba" Moroccan restaurant in Pompano Beach at the encouragement of her teacher Maja. Amina has taken many classes and workshops with local and international instructors such as Suhaila, Aziza, Orit, Jillina, Beata & Horacio, Suzanne Del Vecchio, Miriam Eli, Virginia, Hanan, Bozenka, Amir Thaleb, Jim Boz, Jasmin Jahal, Jihan Jamal, Maria Jammal and many more. She has taught at numerous dance studios over the years in addition to her home studio as well as performed professionally at restaurants, birthdays, weddings, corporate and private events. Amina has performed at events for Arturo Sandoval, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, George Hamilton, Michael Rappaport, Thomas Jane and Doug Flutie. She was the featured dancer at "My Big Fat Greek" restaurant in Dania from 2007 to 2010 and the first featured dancer at "Ferdos" restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale. Amina has taught and trained many dancers some of whom now perform professionally with Amina's performing company "Desert Jewels" for private and corporate events. Amina and her dancers have shows for all types of events, corporate, private and cultural. Shows include choreography, props, improvisation, audience participation and/or instruction. Call Amina today to discuss your event needs and what she can do for you.

Belly Dance Instructor

In addition to over two decades studying and performing Middle Eastern dance, Amina was certified in YogaFit Level 1, ISSA Personal Training, ISSA Fitness Nutrition and Zumba. She focuses on combining dance, fitness and nutrition to promote better health outcomes via positive lifestyle changes. She has taught students ranging from age 5-70 proving this dance form is for all ages with few boundaries and/or limitations. She has an excellent teaching style and easy to follow breakdown of movement and technique. Her classes include a variety of shimmies, hip circles, figure eights, snake arms and isolation drills along with traveling steps and transitions putting it all together into various combinations and in some cases choreography. Classes are low impact, fun, high energy and a great workout. Being a long time yoga practitioner she incorporates yoga and stretching into warm ups and/or cool downs whenever time allows. Amina would love to help you get started on what could be a life long, positive, spiritual journey to better mental and physical health.